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Diet Trends

Heard about the newest diet trends? We've got reviews of all the popular diet plans to help you decide what's right for you.

Popular Diets Articles

Time to make a change?

Time to make a change? Learn about popular diet plans, and get tips for choosing a weight loss program, pros and cons of various plans, safe ways to lose weight, and more.

Healthy Diet Foods List

One of the biggest problems people seem to have about being on a weight loss diet is the selection of foods they are going to be allowed to eat. Not to mention, the selection of foods they are no longer going to be allowed to eat. With certain unbalanced diets (for example, low carb) this may be true.

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Diets That Fail, Diets That Work

Diets That Fail, Diets That Work

Did you know that with an apple, you're taking in only about 12 calories per bite? With a cookie, it's often about 40 calories per bite. That's why typically American foods lead to typically American obesity.

Set reasonable goals

Set reasonable goals

Set reasonable goals. With any weight loss plan, it's helpful to set goals for yourself. These short-term and long-term plans can help keep you motivated throughout your weight loss.

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