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Get Real and Finally Lose Weight

Get Real and Finally Lose Weight

A common link that connects a large portion of the world's population on a daily basis...Losing weight. We think it, sleep it, and dream it..

We know how much better we will feel when we reach our ideal healthy body weight. We KNOW how our lives, activities, self-image, energy, vitality, self-esteem increase; so we can be the person in charge, in control of our lives, on top of the world.

We seem to all proceed by going on a long-winded search, with almost a panic ridden mentality, to find a diet. Once we have gone through the crash diets, the now diet, the cabbage diet, the egg diet, the starvation diet, we come to our senses, because we know the disappointing outcome. What we find when we ask ' how can I lose Weight?" Hundreds of thousands websites, diets, miracles and disappointments. Fads that burn out faster than they burn fat.

Eventually, we come to our senses, and we re-begin our search by Looking for the Best Diet for losing weight. We want this to be the diet that changes our life, we want a diet that will change the way we see food, we want the diet that will change our lifestyle, so we can not only look and feel fantastic, we want to be the healthiest we can be.

Ok, so it took 5,10, 20 years to get where we are at the present moment. Ok, we all accept that fact.

I will make it simple....

Let me ask a simple question first...Are you TRULY ready to make that life change? Are you ready to LOVE you in your new body? Are you ready to be healthy, slim and look great in your jeans?

You need to promise yourself that this is really what you want... and do it will full determination...as if your life depended on it. Determine what goal you want to achieve. Decide it, write it down, everywhere.

Once you done that, use visualization, find a visual picture and post it. Find a picture of someone with your ideal body, place your face instead of yours,and create a picture of your self now.

Extremely important! Share your decision with everyone.In Completing this step, you have committed 100 % to yourself, and to your goal...and you will have made some accountability partners. Only listen to positive people.

Make sure you are following the diet, and doing all the right things;...Do not make up your own rules...there is a reason why it has never worked!! Follow the diet to the letter, especially in the first week. You will be excited and encouraged, and your actions and commitment will set the tone for the following week.

Focus, focus, focus on your weight goals. Cheating is not an option. Also, if you do cheat, get over it, pull yourself up and don't be so hard on yourself.

Decide that this goal is about changing your lifestyle, which involves healthy eating all year long.

Instead of focusing on weight loss, and becoming obsessed, the key is to concentrate on eating healthy and exercising regularly.

At least 15 minutes of Sex with a willing partner every day. I bet you were not expecting that suggestion!! If this isn't convenient, go for a 15-minute walk, and or walk the stairs. Physical activity is key to long-term healthy weight loss.

Stop all the dieting madness and learn to combine certain foods to boost your metabolism by natural means.

Drink more water, and you'll shed more pounds. This is Fact!!

Believe in yourself, commit to yourself, and if I can suggest love yourself first. Everything and everyone falls into place there after.

Maddison C. Marsh

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