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Truth About EODD Diet - Does Every Other Day Diet Really Work?

Truth About EODD Diet - Does Every Other Day Diet Really Work?

The EODD diet (Every Other Day Diet) by Jon Benson is getting a lot of attention recently. Although it has been around for several years, it seems that this diet has become much more popular in recent months.

However, just because a weight loss plan is popular doesn't mean that it's for you. So, the question is does the Every Other Day Diet work?

Let's see what this program has to offer and try to answer this question. Let's start with what the EODD diet is all about.

The EODD program is designed to help people lose weight in a healthy way without making them give up their favorite food. In fact, Jon Benson, the creator of this program states that this is the only way to lose weight in a healthy way and to keep it off into the future. He says this for 2 reasons:

1. When you force someone to give up their favorite foods, you're making it very difficult for them to stick to the plan for any length of time. In addition, a good nutrition plan should last a lifetime, not just until you lose weight.

Benson makes the point that it's unlike that you'll stick to any nutrition plan which prohibits you from eating your favorite foods. Therefore, you need a weight loss plan which allows you to indulge yourself every once in a while on a regular basis.

2. One of the main reasons people fail on diets is due to metabolic slowdown. You see, when you deprive your body of nutrients or enough calories just as most diets require you to do, you're influencing your metabolism in a bad way. Your body doesn't know what a diet is. It believes that you've run into some food shortage and that you need to conserve the fat you have stored. Therefore, it slows your metabolism down, making your burn less and less calories during your day and making it harder and harder for you to lose weight.

The EODD diet doesn't cause metabolic slowdown because you get to regularly eat your favorite food, even if it's fattening. You can't do this every day or overdo it in another way, but this can still be enough for you to "convince" your body that you're not really dieting when, in fact, you are. So, you can actually rev up your metabolism and burn fat faster and more easily.

The testimonials and reviews of the EODD diet make it very plain to see that the Every Other Day Diet does work.

However, it requires you to put in some work as well. You will need to follow the eating guidelines specifically. You will need to make sure you're not overindulging yourself. And, you will need to workout to build some muscle mass. You don't need to become a muscle builder, but you do need to put on some muscle tissue as it helps boost metabolism.

All in all, EODD is an excellent program for people who hate diets. Jon Benson gives tremendous support so you have someone to lean on. It is a highly recommended program for men and women who wish to get leaner.

Visit Every Other Day Diet Review to read more about how this program works.

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