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Cabbage Soup Diet - Cruciferous Cabbage Can Kill Cancer Cells

Cabbage Soup Diet - Cruciferous Cabbage Can Kill Cancer Cells

Aside from its role in the Cabbage Soup Diet, cabbage also plays an important part in fighting against Cancer. Cancer is one of the primary causes of the increasing mortality rate in the world. It affects everyone - the rich and the poor, the young and the old, men, women, and children alike.

Although cancer is mainly hereditary, we can still do ways to avoid it. One of which is consuming cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli and cabbage.

Researches and Studies in Cabbages

In the National Cancer Research Conference held recently in Britain, a study was conducted and presented that green leafy vegetables such as cabbage and Brussels sprout contain a certain compound - indole-3-carbinol (I3C) - that can be used to kill cancer cells, most especially when used in combination with the chemotherapy drugs. The indole group of sulfur compounds binds to the chemical carcinogens and stimulates enzymes that will detoxify those carcinogens. The I3C found in cabbages appear to have the effects on estrogen metabolism, helping prevent breast cancer. Such compound is also significant in preventing or retarding cancer of the prostate.

A study was also conducted by the Netherlands Cohort on Diet and Cancer. The study revealed that those eating the most vegetables gained a 25% drop in their colorectal risk. However, those who consumed the most cruciferous vegetables benefited a 49% lower risk for colorectal cancer.

Cabbages Fight Against Cancer

In Singapore, a study found that in non-smokers, regular consumption of cruciferous vegetables reduced lung cancer risk by 30%. Meanwhile, a 69% drop in lung cancer risk was found with the smokers.

A research which was published in the International Journal of Cancer has proven that cabbages, along with other cruciferous vegetables, can also reduce the risk of bladder cancer.

Crucifers' well-known properties in fighting against cancer are thought to have resulted from their great levels of active phytochemicals known as glucosinolates. These phytochemicals are metabolized by our bodies into powerful and rather effective anti-carcinogens known as isothiocyanates.

Proven Benefits of Cabbages

Studies, both in humans and animals, have consistently shown that diets that are high in cruciferous vegetables, such as cabbage, are associated with lower occurrence of a variety of cancer.

With the 94 studies that have shown the relationship between Brassica or cruciferous vegetables and cancer, 70% of the studies revealed that cabbage consumption was more associated with a lower risk of cancer, especially of the stomach, colon, and lung.

The protective benefits of cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables were even more evident in three groups typically at higher risk for cancer: smokers, men, and older individuals who aged at least 64. Consuming half of a head of cabbage everyday or very large amounts of other cruciferous vegetables is what it would take for you to have the kind of health risk reduction that you are searching for.

And to get the most benefit and advantage from your cruciferous vegetables, most especially the cabbages, ensure that you choose organically grown vegetables because their phytonutrients levels are primarily higher than those cabbages that are conventionally grown. Lightly steam your cabbages as this method of cooking retains the most phytonutrients and maximizes their availability.

Author is the webmaster of Cabbage Soup Diet [http://www.cabbagesoupdiet-s.com]. You might be interested in Cooking the Cabbage Properly [http://www.cabbagesoupdiet-s.com/cooking-the-cabbage-properly.html] and Some Cabbage Facts and Stories.

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