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Lose Weight With Atkins

Lose Weight With Atkins

With Atkins, LA Weight Loss, Dr. Phil, South Beach and 35 billion dollars donated to weight loss routines, why are Americans getting heavier? One in three Americans have a body weight that is 20 percent greater than recommended.

Many people want to buy a quick solution, but most people that have struggled with their weight, know it is a life-long challenge. Consider the risks of obesity:

Coronary artery disease is 4 times more frequent High blood pressure is 12 times more frequent

An "ideal body weight" is a weight where your blood pressure, blood sugar, blood fats are normal. Most doctors offices use "Body Mass Index" or BMI as a guide. The formula is {(weight in pounds)/(height in inches squared)} x 703.

Another way to look at risk is body fat distribution.

Most of the frustration comes from unrealistic goals and unrealistic expectations such as never being able to eat any sweets. Losing ½ to 1 ½ pounds per week is significant weight loss as long as you are losing body fat and not water or muscle. That's 26 to 78 pounds a year.

Learning how to eat is important for significant, long-term weight loss. It is also important to identify physical activities which will allow you improve your 'calorie burning' efficiency.

What are some tips that can help me get started?

Keep a food record. There are a number of food diaries available over the Internet and you can even get one for your hand held palm. Do not skip meals or go longer than 5 hours without eating Keep plenty of low calorie, delicious foods available. Ask your co-workers to cooperate. Triple up on your vegetable intake. Snack on raw veggies as you would chips. If you like to cook, try making soups or other healthy foods Watch portion sizes of meats. Substitute grilled fish or pork tenderloin for beef to add variety and decrease your fat intake Slow down. Start with a tomato or broth based soup or salad. Eliminate distractions and pay attention to your meals. For every hour of television you watch, spend five minutes in activity. Keep desserts out of the house If you have a cookie jar for kids - keep it filled with cookies that don't tempt you Get a "To Go" when you order your restaurant meal and put half of it away before you begin to eat. Substitute an activity such as knitting or painting to keep your hands busy, to replace emotional or stress eating. Don't give up if you go off track

Losing weight can be difficult. However, persist with small steps and You CAN lose weight!

I'm a regular gal just like you. I'm not a ripped body builder or a fitness model by any means. My goal is to help the regular gal get fit and stay fit.


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