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New Kirstie Alley Diet Review

New Kirstie Alley Diet Review

Reading this new Kirstie Alley diet review we can quickly discover what got this famous celeb to shed those extra pounds.

I think we can all agree that in recent years Ms. Alley's fame has shifted from the big screen (think Cheers) to being the spokesmodel of dieting (Jenny Craig for one).

Here's the latest... She's now on to a new diet called Organic Liaison. This new dieting product, or diet system if you will, is the first to be certified as an "organic". The diet focuses on creating healthy food choices and it promotes organic foods being on your shopping list. The diet guide, recipes, supplements, and other resources, are each said to help you maintain your new diet regime. Additionally, you get an organic locator to help you find where to purchase locally grown organic foods if you don't already know...

A $99 sign-up registration fee will get you these tools plus access to the online system where you can track your progress, jot down your goals, needs, frustrations, and also join in with another buddy dieter looking to get his or her "life back" as well. Unfortunately Kirstie isn't all that available.

Sounds interesting?! It's definitely got some people's attention... BUT isn't something missing?

We all know that there are few key ingredients when it comes to losing weight. Yes you diet is certainly at the forefront of your weight gain issues, but so is something else.

Already guessed it?

Yes, that's the one: FITNESS, exercise, daily physical activity, or whatever you can do to burn calories, improve your cardiovascular health!

There's a scientific formula that ALL diets should follow closely:

eat less + burn more calories = lose weight.

Why doesn't Organic Liaison promote exercise this in their diet? Maybe they just assume, but not all dieters know all the tricks. Let's face it, there's a reason why they are overweight. I know that because for the majority of my young adult life I WAS overweight.

But soon enough, even with the new Kirsite Alley diet review, Organic Liaison's customers will get it. Dieting isn't easy, and neither is getting off the couch. We all love food, and a good diet really shouldn't deprive you, it should motivate you to become healthier and maintain a healthier lifestyle for the long term. Perhaps for Ms. Alley this time it will? Only time will tell.

If you are looking to lose weight and you're one of those people who likes to see results on someone else like Kirsite, then before you invest your hard-earned money you should do your RESEARCH first.

I always tell my clients that what works for one may not for another. Jenny Craig has worked for many people, but it clearly did not for Kirsite Alley. Organic Liaison may be for you but make sure to check out all you can so that you do end up with a diet that you can stick with.a

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