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Alkaline Diets and pH Eating Plans - Health Boon Or Hot Air?

Alkaline Diets and pH Eating Plans - Health Boon Or Hot Air?

Alkaline diets and pH eating plans are buzz words you may be hearing from many places and seeing many links online. With all the health food and dieting scams and half truths out there is this just another fad designed to sell supplements to your nutrition or is this the real deal?

The Science

Let's look at the science behind the acid/alkaline diet. Basically the theory is that when our ancestors tens of thousands of years running around in loincloths in hunter gatherer cultures we became used to certain types of foods that gave our bodies and blood a slightly alkaline value on the pH chart. This was how our bodies functioned at the most optimal level based on the nutrition we ate and we were strong and prospered. When we developed civilization our diets started to change dramatically. More meat, milk and grain started to enter our eating habits and we started to make our bodies a little more acidic. Along comes more significant changes and we enter the modern age with an abundance of sugar, salt and other foods and additives that cause a change towards the acidic and we start developing many problems such as osteoporosis, high blood pressure, immune system problems, heart disease due to fat and cholesterol and other modern health issues.

The alkaline diet is a 'back to basics' approach that recognizes that the human body does not adapt as fast as our diet can change so to give it the fuels it needs to function at an optimal level means eating the kinds of foods or equivalents that our ancestors may have eaten to bring our bodies back into balance.

Does this work though?

Scientific tests have confirmed that more acidic bodies and blood is a leading cause of osteoporosis where the bones become more brittle which is often incorrectly assumed to simply be a lack of calcium in the diet. Acidity is also linked to many problems of the teeth and has shown up as an additional factor in many other health complaints. So yes, there is scientific merit to changing your nutrition to one more alkaline.

The Stories

While modern science has not concentrated on this particular dieting idea with enough vigor to prove or disprove it the social proof is astounding. Most people who undertake the alkaline diet and minimize their acidic foods have given glowing reviews saying it not only increases their overall health and immune system but can lower blood pressure, give a surge in daytime energy and even clear up skin conditions such as eczema. More and more people who do this diet properly see results and report them in communities on the internet and in real life.

The Weight Loss Issue

I always leave this till last because i believe that you do not need to be completely skinny to be attractive or healthy and that some fat is in fact good for you but too much is of course not. However, YES alkaline diets and pH eating plans so help you lose weight. Low sugar meals along with additional fiber and roughage significantly help energy to be used and not stored as fat. The alkaline diet is often lower in calories though still high in energy which is a prime goal of any person looking to burn fat. If you need to lose weight fast you can do it on this diet but really it is about a lifestyle change not a quick fix solution because if you go back to your old habits it just comes back again.

For more detailed Alkaline Diets and pH Eating Plans including a huge foods list and lots of recipes, click below for a complementary guide on this beneficial diet.

Free Alkaline Diet Guide

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