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Who is Looking After Your Health?

Who is Looking After Your Health?

More and more people have realized that they need to take responsibility for their own health care. In the past we would go to the family doctor, who took our welfare to heart and he would go to great measures to take care of us. But today with doctors and medical facilities over stressed and under staffed it is no longer possible for a doctor to give that kind of attention. This situation is causing many to stop and take note of their own eating and exercise habits.

They want to avoid being dependent on drugs to combat disease. Side effects from drugs are among the top five causes of death in the US. As noted by Northwestern University's Charles Bennett, M.D.

People are becoming smarter as they see reports on food additives e.g. Research indicates that sodium benzoate, an ingredient in many soft drinks like diet coke, and also in many sauces, has the ability to deactivate parts of DNA and eventually cause diseases such as Parkinson's and cirrhosis of the liver and other neuro-degenerative diseases.

These people have woken up to the fact that they cannot wait for government processes to ensure that harmful additives are not in the food chain. It is time to be wise and protect our families from the harm that can be done by ignoring the many health warnings that are put out by researchers and others that are in a position to investigate these things.

People worried about the epidemic of 'man boobs' were reassured that chickens were not given hormones, and so were encouraged not to stop eating chicken. (It was not mentioned that much of the pork and beef animals are given hormones.)

But then as people are feeling reassured that chicken is good, they see a report like this one in Australia - A chemical used to treat diseases in pigs, poultry and caged birds will be banned after it was found to be a potential carcinogen. The Australian Pesticides and veterinary medicines authority will ban DIMETRIDAZOLE for animals destined for human consumption. A review by agricultural and veterinary chemicals regulator found it posed an undue risk to workers and consumers and will be phased out over the next two years.

The quality of water in the cities of the world is so far from being pure water. The list of contaminants is both long and frightening.

Smog and environmental pollution cause havoc with our health and quality of life. This pollution can become trapped in our homes, where its damaging effects are enhanced.

Health With a Mission not only watches research reports for the benefit of its members, but also has a healing program for those who have already suffered the effects of degeneration.

One member had his own successful business, and like a lot of small business owners he had to work long and sometimes stressful hours. He would eat fast food on the run as he battled city traffic going from one job to the next job on his list for the day. He would get home tired and so the evening meal was often fast food again.

His health deteriorated to the point that he just gave up his business and was unable to work.

Bit by bit he was losing areas of his health, he became very overweight. Then he needed medication for blood pressure, next it was diabetes, frequent colds, aches and pains with stiff joints. Physically everything was an effort, the cold air of winter bought on asthma that prevented any efforts of physical exercise. He was only 37 yeas old.

Fortunately he was introduced to the Health With a Mission program and it has changed his whole life and outlook. Before the program he would be tired out going to his post box and back, within two weeks he was walking 9 km a day. One of the wonderful things about this program is that a dramatic improvement can be experienced in a very short time. Deep healing can take a lot longer but it is so much easier to cope when one is feeling great and has regained their enthusiasm for progress and life itself.

I hope that you are among those who have felt the need to take stock of their own health and that of their family. Once a break is made from this chemical nightmare it is not so hard to make very positive changes that will lead to mental and physical vitality.

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