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Losing Weight and the Secrets of Fat Loss

Losing Weight and the Secrets of Fat Loss

Like me, I bet you have been searching for the secret magic diet that helps you lose weight fast and keep it off for good. I've been scouring the web for tips about how to lose pounds fast, the Atkins, the GI - none worked for me. OK I probably lost a bit of weight at first but after a while it went back on again.

Why do most people fail at weight loss?

Losing weight is hard enough but it can be even harder to keep it off. I know I've been there. Why do so many people fail at weight loss diets and what can be done to ensure success this time? Well that question is what this article is about so keep reading. After you have finished this article, you will make an immediate start your quest of looking great, being more healthy, and changing your life forever.

I want to introduce you two key thoughts that will aid you throughout your life and which will enable you to be successful today when you start your new life as a slimmer you. One is to be realistic and the second is to understand that this is a change of lifestyle not just a temporary change for a short term goal. In fact even the phrase: "Going on a diet" is potentially self defeating. In most peoples minds a diet is short term solution for a short term problem. Such examples might be to look good on the beach when you go on vacation or it might be to look slim at a special occasion. By concentrating on that short term goal you are preparing yourself for the end of the diet and a return to normal service. You are preparing yourself for another failure.

First lets talk about realism.

Let me tell you a secret - I am sorry to tell you but there is no magic system. To lose weight you must change your life balance which means eat less and exercise more, but here is where the realism comes in, do you want to commit yourself to doing something which you will find unpleasant? Do you want to starve yourself to lose flab? Do you want to exist on a few hundred calories a day and forego all the things you like? Do you want to give up going out to restaurants and your vacations at your holiday hotel because you cannot eat what you want? Do you want to be out pounding the pavements or at the gym every day?

If you wish to continue doing something about your fat you need to be doing something enjoyable. You also need to be targeted, you need to plan what you are going to achieve. It's no good just saying "I want to lose weight!" Ask yourself how much do you want to lose and by when? Then break that overall objective down into bite size chunks (no pun intended!) Get a A4 sheet of paper or card and write down all the reasons why you want to lose those pounds and pin it up some place where you see it everyday. So when you get dispirited - and you will at times - you can remind yourself why you are changing your life for the better.

Second listen to me about lifestyle.

Losing that flabby belly is not about going on a diet. No - it's about changing your lifestyle. Maybe not over night but a little bit at a time. It's just a case of changing your eating habits and your life habits a little. You may think that you don't have any habits like this or that you can change them easily. No - these are ingrained in you very deeply. You might think that this is easy, you might believe you can change what you do every day, at any time of the day without any effort. However while you are occupied with other pursuits or activities your ingrained habits will kick-in and BOOM you have reverted to old ways.

So you must be sneaky by changing your habits in little ways. Making changes in a small way every day and every week will become your "new" habits if you make small changes. So in the long time scale you CAN change your habits if you are patient.

After those two thoughts let me just add a third one; don't try to do this on your own. A little bit of help will go a long way so get a little bit of support. Maybe involve your partner, maybe go to meetings but most importantly get yourself a route map to help you on your way. To get a map just click on the link below and get on the program that will help you lose weight and keep it off.

If you are really serious about losing weight and feeling great click on the following Link to read more - and then download The Diet Solution [http://www.dietanswer2011.com].

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